Improved pharmacokinetic profile compared to older Adalat formulations

GITS assures sustained 24h drug release: schematic figure

Adalat capsule: After oral administration, the half-life of nifedipine from the liquid capsule formulation shows a mean of approximately 1.7 - 3.4 hours (tmax 0.5 to 2.17 hours)1.
Adalat retard: After oral administration, the absorption of nifedipine from the tablet is delayed (tmax 1.5 to 4.2 hours) and results in a half-life of about 6 - 12 hours1.
Adalat GITS: Plasma drug concentrations rise at a gradual, controlled rate exhibiting zero-order absorption kinetics after Adalat GITS administration and reach a plateau at approximately six hours after the first dose. For subsequent doses, relatively constant plasma concentrations at this plateau are maintained with minimal fluctuations over the 24 hour dosing interval1.

Once-daily dosing

Adalat GITS enables 24-hour drug availability with once-daily dosing2

Adalat GITS
  • The level of active substance in the blood plasma remains constant2
  • Peaks and troughs are avoided2

PK Profile

Adalat GITS has a better pharmacokinetic profile2

The half-life of of the capsule formulation (three-times daily dosing) is around 2 hours2.
The half-life of of the Retard formulation (twice-daily dosing) is around 11 hours2.
The half-life of Adalat GITS (once-daily dosing) is not a meaningful parameter as a plateau-like plasma concentration is maintained during release from the tablets and absorption1.


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