2010 Guidelines of the Taiwan Society of Cardiology for the Management of Hypertension

These 2010 guidelines produced by the Taiwan Society of Cardiology take into account new data that emerged since the publication of the JNC 7 guidelines (2003) and ESC/ESH guidelines (2007)*.

Recommendations for the use of CCBs

CCBs are recommended as one of the suitable choices for the initiation and maintenance of antihypertensive treatment either as monotherapy or in combinations with one or two other drugs1.

Taiwan Society of Cardiology algorithm for hypertension treatment

*The JNC and ESC/ESH have since published updates that are not reflected in these guidelines.
*High-risk patients include patients with diabetes, chronic kidney disease, stroke, established coronary heart disease, and its equivalents
SPC = single-pill combination (or fixed-dose combination).


  1. Chiang CE, et al. J Formas Med Assoc. 2010;109:740-73. Available from: http://goo.gl/PdRFqe. Accessed 2 February 2018.