2004 Korean Hypertension Treatment Guideline and Its Perspective

The Korean Society of Hypertension’s classifications of blood pressure levels were changed for this report to come in line with the JNC7 (USA) guidelines*. The Korean classification therefore recognises four categories: normotension; prehypertension; hypertension stage 1; and hypertension stage 2.

Recommendations for the use of CCBs

CCBs are one of the recommended first-line choices in patients aged 55 years or over1.
CCBs are recommended options in combination therapy in second and third line1.

Korean algorithm for the treatment of hypertension

* The JNC has since published updates that are not reflected in these guidelines.
A: ACE inhibitors or ARBs
B: β-blocker
C: calcium channel blocker
D: diuretics


  1. Park JB. Korean Circulation J. 2006;36:405-10. Available from: http://goo.gl/pRNwFX. Accessed 2 February 2018.