Safety and tolerability in hypertensive patients

An acceptable safety profile in patients with hypertension and/or chronic angina

Hypertension and/or angina

Adalat GITS has demonstrated an acceptable safety profile in placebo-controlled studies. For further information, please refer to the local label.1


The adverse and serious adverse events reported in the ACTION trial demonstrate that Adalat GITS is a well-tolerated drug for use in the treatment of angina.2

* Number of patients with events per 100 patient-years at risk.
† % of AEs.

Tolerability profile similar to diuretics and placebo in hypertensive patients with high CV risk

Adalat GITS has demonstrated a tolerability profile similar to diuretics and placebo in the INSIGHT and ACTION clinical trials.2,3

  • In INSIGHT, hypertensive patients with additional risk factors for cardiovascular disease received either Adalat GITS (n=3157) or co-amilozide (n=3164). Serious adverse events (AEs) were more frequent in the co-amilozide group vs Adalat GITS (880 [28%] vs 796 [25%], p=0.02)3
  • In ACTION, 7665 patients with stable angina pectoris were randomly assigned Adalat GITS 30 mg, titrated up to 60 mg, once-daily (n=3825) or placebo (n=3840), and followed for a mean of 4.9 years. The safety profile for Adalat GITS was similar to placebo apart from the known AEs, which included peripheral oedema2


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